Why Us?

Why Book with CraZy DJ’s?

We’re glad you asked!

There are so many reasons to choose CraZy DJ’s:

Seasoned Experts

We’ve got years of experience providing music for special events ranging from baptisms to balls from fairs to fandangos. We know the wedding ceremonies and rituals of all the major religions. We’re still here and still playing for your special events because we’ve survived and succeeded.

We love what we do!

Fun is our middle name. We can make your special wedding, anniversary, birthday party or bachelorette affair an entertaining event. Our enthusiastic DJs just naturally get your guests involved. We love what we do and it shows.

We’ll go anywhere.

Our DJ service is located in Brisbane, Australia but we’ll go anywhere in Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast— or on the water surrounding it. We’ve performed on boats, in arenas, outdoors and in basements. There is no limit to how far we’ll travel to provide you music for the cost of travel alone.

We’ve got the goods!

Our talented DJ’s have all the music you’ll want. We’ve got Hollywood melodies, the latest in teen favourites, Bollywood to Country and Western. We’ll have your guests up and square dancing, doing the Watusi, the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey or the Limbo. We know what pleases each age group and we’ll provide it.

There are hundreds of reasons to book our DJ service. We’re outstanding in our field…….and we’ll perform outside, too. We’re reasonably priced and we provide reliable service you’re your music needs.

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